Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Merely sidestepped by a new Tumblr page.
But I still dig you, Blogspot. Here's kindling for the smoldering furnace.

[Ziggy, and an older character "Sara", ressurected.]

[See! Not EVERYTHING I draw is saucy anime girls. Ok, so there's the making of one there, but that doesn't count!]

[Various doodles, been forcing myself to fill a page instead of just drop something in the corner of a fax sheet.]

Gotta get back to AMAZING. Been too long since I even ***SAID*** that to myself.

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Gerardo "Densuo" Santana said...

You beatin' yourself up again or you just haven't been drawing for a while, causing yourself to feel your ability has diminished?

Don't be too hard on yourself man.