Tuesday, April 5, 2011


YES! Day job has returned to normal! Money is in the bank, a trip to New York City this weekend is in the works. Things are already looking up!

[A selection from my still-being-worked-on commissions list.]

-That said, unfortunately San Diego Comic Con is off the books. There was no way between getting set for Japan, and the events afterward for me to put in for attendee badge or pros applications. I miss California already, but another time... 2012...

-I'm deferring to the trifecta of Otakon (end of July), Anime Weekend Atlanta (late Sept.) and New York Comic Con (mid Oct.) to make my presence felt. Really it's always the fall where my work picks up, so things should work out just fine.

-Still an unhealthy stack of work to finish, so maybe this place in April will be my checklist.