Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey folks!  There's a LOT going on for me, but most importantly -- I'm moving!  I'm going to need help staying ahead of expenses and right when the biggest events of the year are around the corner.  I've done my best to clear my schedule, and if not, go full bore on my artwork daily (as you might have seen here and elsewhere.)

COMMISSIONS NOW OPEN -- cosmo_babylon@yahoo.com

(1): Visit my webpages: you're already here at Tumblr - Blogspot - Pixiv
Think of a signature request! No explicitly adult requests will be honored.
Email me at cosmo_babylon@yahoo.com with your request.  A prompt reply should follow (usually during daytime hours, EST.) 

(2): The finished work will be letter size images [2550 x 3300px / 8.5" x 11"] sent via email/FTP.

(3): Requests start at $15 for B&W, max at 30$ for full color work.  Details may vary from one to another, don't be afraid to ask questions!

(4): When request is received, initial sketchwork will be sent for confirmation and approval. 

(5): Payment is requested in advance of the final image.  When the request is confirmed and the sketch is approved, payment info will be provided.

(6): Time & capacity is limited.  I already have a few preset, but more are always welcome! 

(7): Because of current scheduling, NO FINAL ARTWORK WILL GO TO THE START LINE UNTIL AUGUST 15th, 2012 -- That is also the cutoff date for taking requests!  

(8): I will do my absolute best to be prompt and attentive to requests, but please do not re-gift (commissioning for another individual, partner, spouse, etc.) or request portraits (too time consuming.)  

(9): Commission requests here are NOT for re-purposed distribution on media projects (cover or interior images for comics, assets for games.)   I can do contract work at equally low cost, but not under the table.


Thank you for you time & consideration!  I look forward to what you've got in mind, everybody!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


R-Type inspired speed exercises! The R-9R III Sleepless Night is unstoppable!
I'm fiding that my speed and toning ability has come back to a usable shape. Time to put it to some use!
I will be moving to a new home during this month, the convention season kicks off with Otakon, quite a few moving parts to manage. Half the year is done, let's finish strong!