Wednesday, February 23, 2011


To do list:

-Buy new tablet, since my 5 year old Graphire 4 died on Valentine's Day. Using markers has been very awesome, but I'm woefully out of practice, and have too much work riding on the digital end right now.
-Invest in a new laptop, since this 2 year old machine keeps flickering and overheats at the mere breath of a video/youtube clip/DVD playback.
-Invest seriously in a desktop so I don't have to rely exclusively on a laptop to do work, at home, at the day job or otherwise.
-Get a full-time, ramen and PB&J fueled art job, even if it's just freelancing and commissioning. Answering phones for crazy people in Middle America who are scared of the Middle East isn't fun. Ever. Also, not getting paid on time SUCKS.
-Quit getting so bent out of shape when finished work doesn't fall instantly from the pencil. That takes days to do, man!
-Draw more mechanical shapes and objects. The itch is a full blown rash now.
-Draw from life. Draw from more reference images.
-Shade frequently, and with intensity. Colors are fine, it's depth and form that needs work.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Because the title number is C-0-2! Get it?! Hahahah--okay.

A month's gone by, and in that span I managed to put together my submission for Udon's Mega Man Tribute -- waiting to see if that got accepted.

I was a staff member at Magfest 9, and got to chat with composer Danny "Super Meat Boy" Baranowsky, and meet Hiroki "Secret of Mana" Kikuta! Aces!

I ventured out with the editors of Angry Viking Press + a few friends to Columbus for Ohayocon, and THIS happened on the way back:

Everyone involved walked away from the crash uninjured, and I was probably the worst of the lot, with a dinged knuckle from packing the car, and being freaked out at a driver's side impact. It's even a rental car with pre-paid collision insurance!

Since then, I've been hideously broke and plugging away at commission work to keep sane & motivated.

WORK HAS BEGUN IN EARNEST ON DEMON MAGES VOLUME 1 since the tail end of January, so from here on out, I hope to check in and keep a journal of progress. Posting some previews and links for such will be nice too...

Question at this time is... if I hosted a live podcast/stickcam/drawing session, who would watch?...