Friday, May 28, 2010


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Gradius, my absolute favorite video game of all... 3 years in the making, is a complete concept album! Original tracks inspired by, and remixes of some of the most recognizable music from Konami's flagship shooter (plus some obscure favorites from other worthwhile Konami shmups.) "OPERATION FARAWAY", I propose to release by the end of the year in a physical form -- but online you'll be able to check out new tracks as I release them on Youtube! Look for more in the coming days! And tomorrow... DESTROY THE CORE!

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Densuo said...

Hopefully Konami can convince the awesome Treasure to do a Gradius VI.

I still get thrills going through the meteor stage in V.

Looking forward to this In CD form.

Hopefully people follow the lead set by Mushimesama Futari for the 360 and make import shmups region free