Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Been waaaay behind on commissions in favor of comics and staying MOTIVATED. Seems harder and harder as the months go on, which is honestly really scary. I chalk it up to more overblown expectations than absolute lack of work. I AM trying often to juggle three or five different projects at the same time.

The mood here is PERFECT. Linework, not so much. For three UC era Zeon underwater mobile suits, they're short on looks, so I had to pump up the attitude.

Also this:

What looks more and more like a definite doujin project BESIDES THE OTHER TWO is a Gradius Gaiden else-worlds take. I love the Viper and all, but she's gotta have a home away from home. That's where the battle ready, 1,300ft wide Cerberus-class supercarrier "Faraway Reach" comes into play.