Sunday, November 4, 2012


...And take your chances.

Hey folks. It's been a minute! The blog here has gone silent since my commissions solicitation and it's been a dog of a time since then. Managed to end this year in a new townhouse, took an overdue vacation to Buena Vista (DIDNEY WORL) and just got back from a productive weekend at Nekocon in Virginia Beach.

That said, two projects I'm involved with recently reached their Kickstarter goals: Angry Viking Press' bid for Diamond Distribution & Studio Nasu's "Crisis Heart Brawlers: Clash At Otakon." Please pay a visit (hah!) and support not just me, but the talented folks behind these projects!

Though there's still two months left in the year, I can safely say that I didn't come close to my goals for 2012. But for any sort of failure, comes renewed focus! Visit here and my other pages, because it's not over until it's over!

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Master Oki Akai said...

Good to see you're still in one piece and had time off. I'm still looking to do the same myself and get a new place after a tour of Japan hopefully.
So what are your plans now then? I won't lie, I'm really anxious to see new work. Especially as my own has been stagnating lately.

Gerardo "Densuo" Santana said...

I always drop by your pages for inspiration myself. Good to see you're doing well.

Jumped in on dat Kickstarter too, Y'all were a cool bunch a year back at NYCC.

I've been thinking of getting a tablet myself but I've always found it weird using a tablet to draw but looking at a monitor instead. is an intuos good for a scrub?

Gerardo "Densuo" Santana said...

Yeah I jumped in on that Kickstarter. You guys were all a pretty chill group when I ran into y'all at NYCC.

You may have not reached the goals, but you're still doin' work so don't beat yourself up so bad.

I've been wondering about getting a tablet, but I am iffy on looking at a monitor while drawing on the tablet. Is the intuos newbie friendly?

Johnny Lamonte said...

Congrats on the new townhouse and your vacation to DIDNEY WORL (Was it truly the appiest blace on oith?) :D

Though I wasn't aware of the former, I did discover the Otakon Kickstarter. Sadly I can't spare any money due to recent unemployment and severely limited funds. Glad they both made it in the end.

Sorry you didn't reach your goals this year, but I see it as good thing. Because considering what you have achieved this year, it takes ambition to aim higher. Aim lower and you run the chance of hitting that mark.

Glad for the update on things. Now maybe its time I eat my words and finally roll the dice myself....

Mazi Akil H. said...

Good to see you back amongst the living. Take care dude: From a longtime follower and fan on Deviant Art.