Thursday, April 12, 2012


Skullgirls is now available for PS3 & XBOX360
For the characters Filia & Painwheel, I did line art rendering & cleanup on their story mode cinematics & endings. I especially liked their ending artwork and had a blast working on them! The game is worth 1200 Microsoft Points, or $14.99 PSN.


Gerardo "Densuo" Santana said...

game was definitely a day one purchase for me.

Gotta ask though,

Was it a unique challenge for you, was it difficult? And at the end of it did you feel it was something you knocked outta the park working on something not your own?

Jason C. "Crybringer" Robinson said...

Densuo: It was a challenge, just across the board. I feel that I did my part; I ALWAYS feel as though I could do better. But in the end, I did what was asked of me, was paid for my work, and can say that I was part of a video game made by a good number of my friends, with one of my favorite composers and funded by one of the companies I've supported for over 20 years (Konami.) That counts.

Nat said...
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