Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Man, Dormammu. You're so positive-minded.


Yep, it's 2012. Two to three weeks in, no less! I've got myself another two or so weeks to clear EVERYTHING off my desk, so bear with me. I will more than likely try to make tandem posts between here, DA, Tumblr, and my Twitter feed. Don't know exactly how that'll happen, but it will at least consolidate a lot of this randomized posting.
Pixiv however, will be it's own entity. It's JUUUST fine.

EDIT 01/19/12: Oh yeah, I've got a Formspring too. What? I like questions! Not like I know the answer or anything.


Gerardo "Densuo" Santana said...

Oh come on! I love broken line. (no seriously, what's wrong with broken line?)

Also, there's people going off about how Dorm's voice is seductive. That guy is a nasty Anchor.

Johnny Lamonte said...

Happy New year as well! Don't spread yourself too thinly now on all those accounts.

Wesley said...

Not sure what Tara means by broken lines.
But hey, don't stop pushing yourself. As long as you're meeting your standards before anyone else's.