Friday, May 6, 2011


Been neglectful of the blog lately. Let's fix that.

Yeah I'm hype for the Nintendo 3DS. Yeah I'm going to get a Japanese version for Senran Kagura. Did I forget to mention I like ninjas? And platforming/fighting games? And cute moeblobs? A lot?!

Tara, actually doing her job as a medic in a rejected image. She's extra skinny here, but still very cute. I like the earnestness in her face.

I've got a lot on my desk right now, so you get to see some of the stuff that didn't make the cut here! Huzzah! The rest you can check out at Pixiv and Deviantart.

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Gerardo "Densuo" Santana said...

Good stuff. Lovin that vV.

I'm dissapointed with Nintendo having the 3DS being region locked. I have a US one. Further down I might bite the bullet and grab a JP one.

Region locking needs to die a horrible, horrible death.