Monday, September 20, 2010


(And yet, I don't quite think I'm using the word "Addendum" like it's supposed to be used... ah, well.)

TEXT ALERT: This is a checklist/reminder/self-admonishment of what's on my desk currently, what's due and where I'm going in the next few months.

-12 page comic, "Clockwork Loveletter"
-- all pages pencilled, dialogue entered, just have to polish the SOB off. Over a month overdue.

-Undisclosed design work for a alpha-build of a video game. Very telling, isn't it?
Deadlines keep coming in weekly since about August 1st.

-Promo art for upcoming convention, "Nekocon". So far, no follow-up notices or threats of street-beatings so far.

-Awaiting proposal for another design assignment. Equally vague. More on this later.

-"The Demon Mages #3", 32 pages. Long view says end-of-the-year, start of 2011 for release. I don't like that it's so far down this list though.

-New York Comic Con/Anime Festival:
a personal trip, looking foward to seeing a few key creators there, and doing Demon Mages business with AVPress editors.

-New England Comic Con: a full out Angry Viking Press showing to close out 2010.
Question right now is... how to get there?

-Nekocon: Lots of N's, huh? THE LAST CONVENTION I ATTEND AS A PAYING ATTENDEE. It's been 12 years. Time to retire the 300$ tab each time I go to these things. Starting in 2011, if anyone asks if I'm going to (X) con -- instead talk to a guest relations rep and recommend me as a guest. I'm alarmingly cheap.

-Comic Market 79: It's on the books, there's a lot of people who are wanting to meet me on the other side. But money right now is terrifyingly short. SO. I'm taking donations. Details on the "how" coming soon, but even a PENNY put to this cause is a PENNY closer to getting there. I'll have an offer up soon as well to make it worth people's while.

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