Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Less about art, and more of a self-reminder:

-Angry Viking is wholly updated! Now "Angry Viking Entertainment", we're setting up for digital media to go up -- comics, specials, all sorts of extras! Check it out and join the forums while you're at it!

-San Diego Comic Con 2010 is next week, and surrounding that is about five days of solid vacation time. I hope to shake some hands, get some resumes out and DO WORK.

-Utage/Ichigo Folder blog post was a week late, but both works came in on time. I'll have more on both when I see the final product myself. Not so happy with the Utage one, but I did my absolute best!

-Otakon 2010 is RIGHT AFTER SDCC, and much as I say I won't be there -- I'll be there. Don't look for tables, I won't be at one. Just hang around UDON Comics or Felipe Smith, and you might catch me :)

-August and September are the next prime times for getting more comic/artwork under my belt. Unlike last year, I don't want the turn of the 3rd quarter to be a disaster.

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