Thursday, July 30, 2009


Just a quick post. SDCC was a kick in the pants, and I hope to have all my goods together later this weekend. But I mean... c'mon! It's Miria, the Guardian!

EDIT, 08-01-09: Miria's not alone! The many looks of the blue Guardian, "Sylvie."


Shinikenshi said...

Suddenly, I feel like I need to play this game too.

John said...

I'm a pretty gifted Artist myself but I must say you did an excellent on the Maria Guardian it would be great is they released the game with now and days graphics on the WII or something like that i would love tosee your work come to life

Densuo said...

hey there it's Densuo from DA

I've always been a huge fan of Guardian Legend. It's, dare I say the the best game to come out of the NES.

It's be nice if a remake was made. It's only real fault was the password system.

I mean, it's a Shmup+Zelda+metroid.

Game had everything in a game I wanted.
Awesome music.
A pretty lead
a variety of weapons
lots of stages

game was perfect.