Thursday, April 2, 2009


Angry Viking Press and Enemi Entertainment have joined forces to bring you "The Demon Mages", as well as the full lineup of our new comics!

In May, AVPress introduces The Demon Mages #1, Andorozon #1, and Coco Gun-Bun #1! In July, we follow-up with the second issues of each, and a NEW Crushed #1, Speed Demonz Mini series, the Babes of the Beach picture anthology, and the return of "The Extintioners!"

Go to your local comic book stores and ask them to order the May 2009 edition of the Haven/Enemi Catalog, simply named “Comics”. The catalog is free to comic stores and they can go to Enemi or email at to order. Yes, folks -- this is international too!
You can also pre-order the May catalog if you have a paypal account if there are no comic shops in your area.

Again, visit Enemi, order the May 2009 Comics catalog at your local shops or email and get ready for The Demon Mages to roll out for 2009!

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