Thursday, March 5, 2009


Now, this is blog worthy. In the past four days, I've done 12 sketches, retraced 7, developed and corrected the first and hopefully by the end of the day, I'll have three more inked. This work-for-hire assignment I'm on comes hot on the heels of possibly my best lineart and color work in a LONG time, turned in ON TIME to Udon Comics. Even before that, I did another piece as the cover of a convention handbook, and completely redid the cover to my comic book! Productivity since the Valentine's Day weekend has gone THROUGH THE ROOF -- OH YEAH, and I did two, count'em TWO dakimakura design submissions! Lace-chan here is one of them!

Right now, to cleanse the palate (not palette) of all the cartoony artwork this week, I'm going to try and put together some sketches for a friend who wants to draft a game proposal. Whew! I tell you what -- a week of being 200$ in the negative really changed my perspective.

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